The U.S.-Russia Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) is a diverse network of Russian and U.S. professionals and social entrepreneurs engaged in a meaningful exchange of ideas and best practices to produce positive change in the lives of citizens in both countries. Current initiatives include collaborative projects between U.S. and Russian organizations, fellowships for independent professionals, and youth media exchanges. All of these initiatives are focused on finding solutions to pressing social issues common to the U.S. and Russia as well as enhancing mutual understanding and fostering sustainable bilateral relationships.

Program Highlights

Fellowships: Empowering At-Risk Youth

Since launching her own mentoring project in 2014, one former Independent Professional fellow in Tyumen, Russia has helped over 300 at-risk and orphaned youth become independent adults. Read about the fellow’s inspirational work and her trip to the U.S. to exchange best mentoring practices.

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Youth Media: Amplifying the Next Generation’s Voices

With the outbreak of COVID-19, our Youth Media alumni are stepping up and using the journalism skills they honed as Youth TV Bridge anchors to make a difference in their communities – and across the world! One Youth Media alumna based in Siberia has launched her newest project, titled “People Z,” a video series exploring the lives and perspectives of Generation Z.

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Partnership Projects: Cleaning Up and Bringing People Together

In October 2020, the Clean Games Partnership Project team hosted the first Clean Games Intercontinental Cup bringing together 500 passionate environmentalists in the U.S. and Russia. Learn more about this one-of-a-kind project and how it united participants in a time of isolation and closed borders.

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