The U.S.-Russia Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) is a diverse network of Russian and U.S. professionals and social entrepreneurs engaged in a meaningful exchange of ideas and best practices to produce positive change in the lives of citizens in both countries. Current initiatives include collaborative projects between U.S. and Russian organizations, fellowships for independent professionals, and youth media exchanges. All of these initiatives are focused on finding solutions to pressing social issues common to the U.S. and Russia.

Program Highlights

Fellowships: Accessibility in the Film Industry

Walt Disney Company employee Veronika Ivanova brought together her employer, disabilities-focused NGO Perspektiva, and two large movie theater franchises in Russia for a day-long marathon focused on programming inclusive of people with disabilities.

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Youth Media: Young Journalists United by Passion

A US-Russia Youth Bridge participant from Russia, Anna Khrebtova, reflects on her experience at the Student Television Network Convention in Anaheim, California- and how discovering his passion led to where she is today.

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Partnership Projects: Quitting Smoking Across the Atlantic

Quitting smoking can be tough. But a mobile app developed by researchers from New York University School of Medicine and their Russian partners at regional NGO STELLIT creates an international support system for Russian and American users looking to kick their habit.

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