Get Involved in Youth Media

Apply to be a part of SEE’s Youth TV Bridge project for an opportunity to receive a three-month virtual media training with professional journalists from Russia and the US, and for an ultimate chance to become anchors of Youth TV Bridge Season 5!

Are you in high school and passionate about using journalism to highlight social issues that you and other young people care about? Do you want to hone your media literacy skills alongside peers from Russia? Apply to participate in SEE’s Youth TV Bridge by answering our online questionnaire and submitting a 60-second video package, and your team could win a spot in our virtual media lab and receive an opportunity to lead the next season of Youth TV Bridge.  

The US-Russia Youth TV Bridge (YTVB) project is EF’s youth media flagship project. Since 2016, the project has been bringing together competitively selected high school media production students from Russia and the U.S. to learn about digital media space in both countries and to produce a series of broadcast-style videos on a range of social topics relevant for Russia and the US.

As Youth TV Bridge enters its fifth season, which will run from September 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, EF is expanding this project to add a specialized virtual media training component for a virtual cohort of 40 (20 US and 20 Russian students) during the first three months of the project. Successful applicants will be trained by independent media professionals from the US and Russia and will learn how to create engaging media pieces with like-minded peers. During the training, which will run from October 22-December 22, 2020, the students will work in groups of eight with Russian peers to enhance their leadership and media literacy skills. The teams will be tasked with creating a group video project on a social issue of their choice as part of their final assignment. Upon conclusion of the training, the bilateral team of students with the highest homework and assignment score will be selected to lead the fifth season of Youth TV Bridge. The winning team might be able to travel to the counterpart country in the spring of 2021 to visit with local independent media outlets contingent on the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic.



  1. The application is open to high school video production teams affiliated with a school or private media studio. Teams must be composed of one teacher, who will act as the team’s mentor and will supervise the team’s production efforts, and four students ages 14-18. Teams are encouraged to consider gender balance when applying to this opportunity.
  2. Team members listed in the application form must be committed to participating in all virtual media training sessions carried out bi-weekly over the course of three months from October 22 to December 22, 2020 and must be prepared to lead the next season of Youth TV Bridge from January 1-June 30, 2020 if selected. No substitution of team members after the submission of application and participation in the media training will be permitted.
  3. Teams must produce original video content specifically for this opportunity. All team members must appear in the video and must creatively make a statement about one or several social issues their team is passionate about. Alternatively, your video may show how everyone on your team collectively worked towards solving a social issue in your community. More information on the video requirements is provided below.
  4. Submitted videos should not exceed 60 seconds. We reserve the right to disqualify submissions exceeding 60 seconds at our own discretion. The more concise, the better!
  5. All videos must follow the Youth TV Bridge Video Submission Requirements and the Youth TV Bridge Use of Copyrighted Materials. Please make sure that all material and ideas are your own original work.
  6. By submitting the application, your team grants SEE permission to use your video for program promotion purposes.
  7. Applications must be submitted by October 16, 2020 11:59 PM EST. Late submissions will not be considered.
  8. Failure to meet any of the above guidelines may result in disqualification.


Follow these Tips When Creating Your Video

Teams must create an original 60-second video. The video should include a brief statement from each team member (appearance of a teacher is optional) about one social issue the team has identified or multiple social issues that each team member is concerned about. As an alternative, teams may also choose to depict themselves in action collectively working towards solving a social issue in your community. The video should explain the significance of the issue and suggest how young journalists from Russia and the U.S. can make a difference about the issues together by amplifying their voices through the episodes of Youth TV Bridge.

To make sure your video meets the selection criteria and stands out, please carefully read the information provided in Step 4.

Be Sure to Upload Your Video to YouTube Before Submitting an Online Application

Before completing the online application, please check to make sure that you have uploaded your team’s 60-second video to YouTube. When uploading your video, please follow these instructions:

  • Upload your video to a YouTube account. Set the video to “unlisted” and generate a link to the video to include in your online application form. Visit this page for additional YouTube upload instructions.
  • Use this format for the title of your video file: “SCHOOL/STUDIO’S NAME YTVB S5”. For example, “Fayetteville HS YTVB S5.”
  • Make sure the link works and include it in your team’s online application form.
  • Your video should not exceed 60 seconds.


How to Submit an Online Application?

After your team has created the 60-second video and uploaded it to YouTube as unlisted, you must fill out an online application form on Eurasia Foundation’s (EF) Grant Lifecycle Management (GLM) portal. Only one application per team (one teacher and four students) is needed.

When accessing EF’s GLM portal, the applicant must first create an account on behalf of the team by following the instructions on the right of the login page linked above. If an applicant already has an account, they may simply log in without creating a new account.

After registering on EF’s grant portal, you will need to enter an access code to view the application form. Please use the following access code to access the application form: SEEYMEDIA.

What to Keep in Mind When Filling out EF’s Online Application?

When filling out the application, teams must answer several questions, including a brief statement of interest listing the social issues you and your teammates are concerned about and describing how the participation in the Youth TV Bridge project will help you become better storytellers. You should also explain why your team believes that media can be used as a platform for speaking out about social issues. Examples of past media projects that illustrate your commitment to social issues are welcomed. Alternatively, your team may explain how participating in Youth TV Bridge will help you launch a new media project or bring positive change about a given issue. Detailed instructions regarding what should be included in the statement of interest are provided in the online application form.

If you encounter any issues with accessing the online application form, please contact [email protected] for assistance. We strongly recommend that you start working on your application as early as possible. If you encounter technical issues with your application and contact us less than 48 hours before the final deadline, we might not be able to assist you on time.


Successful applicants should highlight their team’s ability to do the following when writing their statements of interest and answering questions in the online application form:

  • Applying teams must have experience creating media and producing news packages for local high school or online community. Prior experience creating content on social issues is preferred.
  • Applying teams must demonstrate interest in social issues in their application form and video. You will be asked to name at least three social issues that deserve to be discussed among your peers and addressed in media.
  • Teams must demonstrate intent to use media and leadership skills gained while participating in this project beyond their immediate involvement in Youth TV Bridge.
  • Teams must demonstrate interest in using digital media and social media platforms to garner support from young people or communities concerning a given social issue (any past examples of such work are a plus).
  • Students must explain how participation in Youth TV Bridge will help them better prepare for a career as independent media professionals or journalists.
  • Students must demonstrate any prior leadership experience (either collectively as a team or by focusing on one student) or their overall interest in learning how to be effective leaders and work on a team with people from different backgrounds.

Successful videos will meet the following criteria:

In evaluating the applicants’ videos, the judges will be looking for content that makes a strong connection to the topic, captures and keeps the viewer’s attention, and showcases your team’s ability to lead the next season of Youth TV Bridge. The videos will be evaluated based on these points:

Evaluation criteria

  • Camera/Direction
  • Lighting
  • Audio/Sound
  • Graphics/Effects
  • Camera Presence/Talent
  • Storytelling/Content
  • Integrity/Courage
  • Entertainment Value/Emotion
  • Closeness to Topic
  • Editing/Transition

We look forward to receiving your video entries!