Public Health

The US-Russia Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) is pleased to announce the launch of its new initiative – SEE COVID-19 Response: Public Health Working Group (PHWG). This initiative brings together competitively selected professionals representing the nongovernmental public health sector in Russia and the US to support affected groups in both countries. The PHWG initiative aims to stimulate international collaboration on COVID-19 issues while increasing knowledge-sharing among professionals in the US and Russia. It offers a unique opportunity for applicants to expand their professional networks and gain international perspectives on addressing the impact of the pandemic.

Public Health Working Group Members

Natalia Nefedova, GMS Clinics and Hospitals, nutritionist/founder (Moscow, Russia). Natalia is a nutritionist from Moscow, Russia who believes chronic disease prevention and management can be achieved through optimal nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. She graduated from McGill University School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition and has lived in Montreal, Canada for 25 years until her recent relocation to Moscow. Natalia is currently enrolled in a Master’s of Healthcare Administration and Economics program at Johns Hopkins University. As part of her day-to-day at GMS, Natalia conducts teaching seminars and lectures on health and food safety as well as nutrition in various companies, including Amway, Philips, World Bank, etc. She also consults and provides digital content material on health and nutrition to various Moscow-based food companies.

Daria Egereva, Center for Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Director (Moscow, Russia). Daria Egereva was born in a small village in Tomsk region, Siberia. She was raised by single indigenous mother in strong traditions of a small community.  She graduated from Tomsk State Pedagogical University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Philology. As a student, she was a leader of a youth movement of indigenous students in Tomsk. Daria was later invited to move to Moscow to work in an indigenous people’s organization and lead initiatives. Today, Daria is an indigenous activist, social worker, and the Executive Director of the Union of Indigenous Peoples of Tomsk region. Daria is a member of a newly established indigenous women network “AIVAN” and member of the indigenous human rights defenders “Aborigen-Forum”. She works closely with indigenous grassroots organizations, organizes training seminars on capacity building, and in cooperation with other indigenous experts, develops community approach programs to overcome COVID-19 consequences.

Tatiana Bogomolova, Skillfort, Founder and nurse volunteer (Samara, Russia). Tatiana received her first degree in History from Samara State University (Russia) in 1998. Later she discovered her true passion and received her second degree in Nursing (with honors) from Samara State Medical University (SSMU) in 2016. Immediately after graduating, Tatiana began working as a rehabilitation specialist at the V.P. Chkalov Rehabilitation Sanatorium. In the rehabilitation of stroke patients at the sanatorium, she began to use telehealth services and became convinced of their safety and high efficiency. Currently, Tatiana is volunteering as a frontline nurse at the V. D. Seredavin Samara Regional Hospital, which is one of the designated hospitals for treating COVID-19 patients in Samara. In 2020, she founded SkillFort – a company focused on the development and implementation of Automated Medical Information System (AMIS), which provides healthcare professionals with the ability to remotely receive, summarize and communicate essential medical data.

Denis Baranovskii, surgeon (Moscow, Russia). Denis holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Basel, Switzerland and a General Medicine degree from I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. He was practicing as a doctor in the department of pulmonology for patients with COVID-19-related pneumonia from May – July 2020, which was the period of highest COVID-19 incidence in Moscow. During that time, Denis carried out a clinical study focused on determination of widely available and cost-effective laboratory tests that could be considered early prognostic indicators of disease severity. His international experience includes carrying out a scientific project between Russia, Austria and Switzerland from 2016 – 2020. As part of his international collaboration, Denis became acquainted with international standards of healthcare and developing clinical and scientific collaborations between hospitals.

Amy Funk, Illinois Wesleyan University, Assistant Professor (Eureka, Illinois). Amy has expertise in mental health, community health, gerontological, and palliative care nursing. Amy earned her B.S. in Psychology (1990) and M.A. in Gerontology (1991) from Western Illinois University. She completed her B.S.N. at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing (2012). In 2015, she earned her Ph.D. from Mennonite College of Nursing at Illinois State University. She achieved board certification in Gerontological Nursing in 2014. She is a member of the policy committee for the National Health Care for the Homeless Council and on the board of the Vladimir-Canterbury Sister City Association of Bloomington-Normal. She volunteers for the Salvation Army, Phoenix Community Development Foundation, and Parklands Foundation. She founded a non-profit organization, The Red Dragonfly Project, to meet the small needs of those without a home and those recently released from prison.

Kadesha Bonds, DC Public Schools, Media Teacher (Washington, D.C.). Kadesha Bonds is a high school CTE teacher in Washington, DC. She teaches her students how to shoot and edit video. Kadesha brings these skills to SEE’s Public Health Working Group, and is excited to document the process and produce video content of the journey. Kadesha has always been interested in activism and has a passion for helping give a voice to underserved populations by allowing them to tell their own stories. When Kadesha is not teaching, she enjoys traveling and reading. She has visited 12 countries and hopes to add Russia to her list. Kadesha likes to learn about new cultures and the histories of other countries and cultures. She is excited to be a part of the project and is looking forward to learning and contributing.

Raisa Borshchigova, Urgent Action Fund for Women, Senior Program Officer (New York, New York). Prior to joining the philanthropy sector, Raisa worked for the Russian North Caucasus’s largest civil society project, the Young Women’s Development Group, providing education to teenage girls. In 2016, she was awarded the Galina Starovoitova Fellowship at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute in Washington, DC, where she took residence. There, she began to synthesize years of work on women’s and girl’s rights and LGBT rights as she embarked on transforming her first-hand experiences into academic research. She studied French language and literature at the Chechen State University and holds a Master’s degree in journalism from a French School of Journalism (Centre de Formation des Journalistes, Paris, France). She is focused on fighting for adolescent girls; protection and empowerment; international advocacy on violence against women and girls; and providing direct assistance as it pertains to women’s safety and security.