Get To Know Iceberg TV

Published August 24, 2017

Meet the Iceberg TV team from Yekaterinburg, Russia – the Russia-side half of the Disabilities Partnership TV anchor team:

Alyona Chekhomova, Director of Iceberg TV youth studio

Since she was 6 years old, it was Alyona’s dream to become a journalist. Alyona’s dream came true when she started working for a local news channel and later as an editor-in-chief of a business magazine. When her daughter grew up, she realized that she would like to share the vibrant world of television journalism with young people while helping them explore future careers. That is why Alyona has been working as the director of the youth television studio Iceberg TV for 5 years. Ranging in age from 12-17 years old, the students at Iceberg TV learn how to work in front of the camera, record footage, and edit video materials.

According to Alyona, Iceberg TV is a team of creative, active, and considerate young people who are passionate about video production. With extensive experience producing news stories, TV programs, and even films, the Iceberg TV team regularly wins awards in media competitions. Additionally, the team frequently travels to participate in festivals and professional camp schools for young journalists.

Matvey Safin, 16 years old

Matvey lives in Verknaya Pyshma, a suburb of Yekaterinburg. He recently graduated from the local middle school and successfully passed his high school entrance exams.

Matvey enjoys making films and editing videos. A self-taught video producer, he has been shooting and editing for already 4 years. In January 2017, he joined the Iceberg TV team to visit Artek, an International Children Center on the Black Sea. He produced his first short film there, which he describes as having been both enjoyable and difficult. These days, he has a new goal: inspired by many vloggers he follows, Matvey would like to being producing vlogs. Additionally, Matvey enjoys listening to music, particularly popular Russian artists. While travelling to the US for the DPTV program, Matvey hopes to create a film about the team’s American experience.

Ekaterina Chehomova, 15 years old

Ekaterina enjoys television and cinematography. She created her first television news story when she was only in the 4th grade. Since then, she has learned many facets of video production, including performing, videography, and editing. Her recent work focuses on various social topics by covering topics regarding people with disabilities as well as families and children who need some help. These issues are important to her.

Recently, she has started exploring cinema production and has already created two short films. Ekaterina cites her animals (she has a dog and a cat), books, music, and people who achieve their goals as great sources of inspiration.

Kseniya Kaminskaya, 18 years old

Kseniya has been actively pursuing television journalism for 3 years. Her ultimate goal is to become a professional TV reporter focusing on social topics. Because she firmly believes that a good journalist must have a well-rounded understanding of relevant skills, Kseniya is also learning how to edit videos and photographs.

Beyond her media-related pursuits, Kseniya has a variety of other hobbies and skills. She graduated from a music school, having focused on vocal performance. She also attended a theater studio and studied needlework techniques. Recently, one of her childhood dreams came true – she began dancing. Because she uses a wheelchair, Kseniya has joined an inclusive dance group.

Four years ago, Kseniya and her mother opened “Iskorka dobra” (“Spark of good”), a club for volunteers in their hometown. The club holds charity events, concerts, and organizes orphanage visits. Kseniya likes traveling and studies English, both offering many opportunities for her to meet new friends and learn about other peoples’ cultures.

Arseniy Kolosov, 15 years old

Arseniy is originally from Yekaterinburg. After graduating from middle school earlier this year, Arseniy is still uncertain whether he should go to a high school or start his studies in a college of arts in order to pursue his dream of becoming a professional actor. Arseniy’s friends are confident that he is a gifted actor, having starred in more than 10 of their film. Arseniy believes these forays into video production are a great first step towards achieving his goal.

According to Arseniy, he has a jolly family, including his father, mother, a younger sister Mila, and a Donskoy cat called Danhill.
Arseniy has been studying at Iceberg TV since the 4th grade. Beyond acting in short films, he is also a TV anchor.