Meet the Russian Anchors of Youth TV Bridge Season 2

Published September 19, 2017

Daria Petrova – lead editor of the school TV station «Gornostai-TV», and student in the journalism department of the Novosibirsk State University. She has been studying TV journalism for 14 years. Daria’s interest in this specialty was born in the school television studio, where she made analytical and informative shows. She was then accepted into the journalism department at Novosibirsk State University and with great enthusiasm began to study the genres of television documentary film. Daria’s work has won many Russian and international awards. Since last year, Daria has worked as the head editor of her school, the «Gornostai-TV» studio. She likes to teach young journalists and tell stories in the form of television. She believes that television journalism and documentary film are an effective way to comprehend what happens in the world.

Alexander Lozovskii. Alexander is 15 years old and was born and raised in Novosibirsk. He started the practice of journalism relatively recently—about a year ago. At the moment, he studies in the school TV studio « Gornostai-TV » and is involved in many competitions in the sphere of media. Since childhood, he was captivated by creative works, and when he went to school, became interested in work with computers and the embodiment of his ideas and concepts are connected with technology. He has always liked to get to the bottom of things, and artistic film and this has become one of his most favorite ways of capturing video. Now he has a dream to create a big, independent project and get diverse experience in shooting major films.

Karina Korzhikova, 15 years old. She finished music school as a second scholarship laureate for playing on the cello. She also took a journalism course at Novosibirsk State University. She has also spent some time on the youth neighborhood newspaper, «INYA» where she wrote few articles and understood that she didn’t necessarily want to enter the world of (print) journalism much more, and instead when to the TV studio « Gornostai-TV ». Studying at the studio for about a year, Karina has received a good deal of knowledge and practice. The studio gives Karina the necessary experience in order to be accepted into the journalism department at NSU.

Alina Batanova, 16 years old. Alina lives on the Novosibirsk academic campus where she studies in the education center «Gornostai». There she studies at the «Gornostai-TV» studio with her fellow students. She wants to become a professional journalist. She loves to explore the world around and inside oneself. Before, Alina studied dance, acting skills, went to a music and art school, but in the end stayed with television journalism because she understood that specifically this major would allow her realize her full creative potential. Alina is interested in fashion, and loves to shoot scenes with these themes. Journalism—this is her favorite thing, and Alina is planning and will later develop her skills in this area. She enjoys meeting new people, and she is ready ready to absorb information and to share her knowledge and give her ideas as forms of an exchange.

Margarita Gromozdina, 15 years old. Margarita has lived her entire life in Novosibirsk, but she loves to travel and meet new people.

Probably because of this, she joined the school TV studio «Gornostai-TV», where she has already studied for a year.

For her, journalism is not just a hobby, but it is an opportunity to develop communications skills with people.