US-Russia Youth TV Bridge Season 1

Published June 23, 2017

The first season of the US-Russia Youth TV Bridge has come to an end. Though we are sad to say goodbye, we are proud of our inaugural anchor team for producing these four excellent episodes. Have you missed any episodes from YTVB Season 1? Are you itching to re-watch one of the episodes? We are pleased to present the first season in its entirety. This is your chance to go back and view the highlights of the US-Russia Youth TV Bridge.

Episode 1 – Pilot Episode: Volga Encounters 2016

In the Season 1 pilot episode, we meet the US and Russian halves of the anchor team. We follow their journey from when they submitted their first videos through to when the two teams began collaborating. A jolly journey of exploration and discovery, this episode shows how easy it is to bridge cultural and linguistic barriers when one has mutual passions.

Episode 2 – Sports in the US and Russia

In this episode, join the TV Bridge anchor team as they explore sports in their communities. From fans preparing to cheer at sporting matches to Olympic athletes bringing home medals, the anchor team fielded footage from all tiers of sports enthusiasts. Join them as they leap from the pool springboard in Russia to the motocross ramp in the US.

Episode 3 – STN Special Edition: Crazy 8s Video Competition

This special episode was produced as YTVB’s submission to the Crazy 8s competition at the STN convention in Anaheim, California in March 2017. Given a spontaneous topic and only 8 hours to plan, film, edit, and produce an 8-minute video, the Crazy 8s competition was an intense exercise in video production. The YTVB team’s breakneck production was not in vain: they went home with First Honorable Mention for their video on the topic of Social Justice.

Episode 4 – US-Russia TV Bridge Season Finalе: Sports, Disabilities, and Passing The Torch

In the Season 1 finale, the YTVB anchor team focuses on disabilities in this expansive, inclusive, and exceptionally well-produced final episode. We also get to meet the anchors of YTVB Season 2, the talented teams from Geneva, Illinois and Novosibirsk, Russia. The team is also setting the stage for SEE’s next major student media initiative, Disabilities Partnership TV. In the context of SEE’s Disabilities Partnership Platform (DPP) and inspired by the successes of Season 1, DPTV will focus on disability-related issues while running in parallel to YTVB Season 2.

What did you think of the first season of YTVB? With Season 2 currently in development, we will try to incorporate your feedback into the future production of YTVB.